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Grant applications

Welcome to the United Way NZ grant application process.

Grant applications are open from 1 October to 31 October

Please read the following notes before you start a grant application

  1. It is important you have read the Prerequisites & Criteria carefully prior to submitting an application as there are a number of factors which may make your application ineligible. e.g. funded areas, organisation type.
  2. You can print a blank application form (click here) to review however the grant application must be made via our website.
  3. It is important that you use an organisation email address rather than a personal one for contact details. e.g. Make a note of the email address used in the online application process so that a part-filled application can be retrieved, edited or completed later if necessary. If you start an application and do not complete it we will send an auto reminder email. If not completed within two weeks the incomplete application will be declined.
  4. If your organisation has received 3 years funding from us between 2018 - 2020 there is a possibility your application may not be considered. We urge you to consider other funding sources.
  5. If your organisation received a grant from us in 2020 you need to submit an accountability report by the 30th September. Also note if any prior years' accountability reports have not been submitted, your application may not be considered.
  6. The Application
    Please make sure you type your email address correctly and use the same email address when you partially fill in the grant application and come back to edit or complete later. There are eleven pages to this grant application. Details entered on each page will be saved when you click the next button. If errors are detected on a page, the details you have entered will be saved, but you will stay on the same page until you have corrected the errors. Error messages are displayed near the top of the page.

    If in the past 12 months your organisation has received a donation from The Tindall Foundation directly please tick the box 'TTF in last 12 months'

    It is important that you attach your organisation's most recent Financial Statements.

    A successfully completed application will generate an acknowledgement email confirming receipt.

    Please email if you have any queries or require assistance with this process.
  7. Our Grant Application Process explained:
    Oct - Grant applications open
    Oct - Nov - Grant Applications received are checked to ensure they meet prerequisites and criteria. Applications that meet prerequisites and criteria proceed to next stage. Those that do not meet requirements are declined and advised by email.
    Nov - Feb - Regional team members contact applicant organisations to arrange an evaluation visit. Volunteers write reports and recommendations.
    Regional volunteer teams meet and agree on grant recommendations and send recommendations to head office
    Grant recommendations are submitted to the United Way board for review and approval.
    March - Grant application outcome letters and grant allocation reception invitations are sent out to successful applicants.
    Regional grant allocation receptions are held to distribute grants. Grants are paid out via internet banking and receipts requested.

    Note: United Way Grants are a donation and are to be treated as GST exempt / exclusive. Most grants given are between $2,000 - $10,000


Applications for Funding can be submitted from 1 October - 31 October